troyTROY Industries is a United States Government Contractor, specializing in the design, manufacturing
and marketing of advanced small arms components & accessories including complete upgrades of existing arms.
Troy designs and manufactures technically superior, high value, “100% Made in America” products that perform in the most extreme combat conditions. For this reason, the majority of Troy’s customers are from the Military, Law Enforcement, Government Agencies and deployed contractors. We are honored and proud to provide Troy products to those who protect
and serve the United States of America.

In the past few years, they have established themselves as the pre-eminent supplier of battle sights, rails and other strategic accessories to several iconic firearms manufacturers such as
Smith & Wesson – who use Troy products exclusively on their high end M&P tactical rifles.

Troy Industries supports a wide-ranging individual customer group through a comprehensive network of distributors and dealers. Troy products are sold by the nation’s most prominent retailers.

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