tapcoTAPCO began as a family business over 25 years ago in a quiet neighborhood outside of Atlanta. The family business
quickly grew into a busy mail order company. TAPCO had a small staff of quality employees, always keeping outstanding service as the driving force. Dealing in every aspect of firearms and militaria imaginable, much experience was gained
in both weapons and accessories.
Years later that experience would come into full bloom, as the small mail order company became a major player in the aftermarket accessory market. In 2005, TAPCO rebranded to focus not only on the outstanding service that had become the backbone of the company, but also on U.S. manufacturing and keeping our jobs and production here in America. This change saw TAPCO move out of the retail market and establish new ground as strictly a manufacturer and wholesaler.

Making quality parts, backed by a lifetime guarantee, and accompanying them with great sales and service has proven to be a winning combination. TAPCO has evolved into a more vertical entity, managing all aspects of the product development cycle from within the company. State of the art CAD design, rapid prototyping, and extensive testing have allowed TAPCO to bring innovative and dependable products to the shooting marketplace.
If you have an AR , AK , SKS, Saiga Shotgun, or Ruger rifle , Tapco has the Stock systems, Magazines, Tools & Cleaning, Parts, and accessories to fit your needs.
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