SpecterThe Specter brand reflects the expectations of the company’s market. Military, law enforcement and contract security personnel depend of manufacturers like Specter for products that perform to a higher standard in the very real world of combat and peacetime operations. All Specter products are manufactured in the USA and are backed by a lifetime warranty.
Our Universal Pistol Magazine Pouches are not only rugged and durable, but highly versatile as well. Capable of carrying everything from a single column 1911 mag to a double column Glock .45ACP mag, they are the perfect choice for users who deploy a wide variety of weapon systems. With these pouches you are capable of building one load bearing rig for all of your needs.

The MOUT Sling was designed with direct input from US Military troops returning from MOUT operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Designed specifically for Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) this sling offers some serious advantages that are equally useful to law enforcement tactical units, armed citizens and practical shooting competitors

You have plenty of options, except when all hell breaks loose. At that moment, the value of your equipment selection becomes critical. Specter builds superior gear which should make your equipment selections easier.

Based largely on the experience of military and law enforcement, Specter pouches, carriers and holsters deliver a perfect fit, a comfortable carry, easy operation, a low noise signature and exceptional durability. We listen to our product’s users. We perfect our gear… and we deliver on time, because we know what is at stake. Our designers, sewers, technicians and managers are dedicated to producing gear that contribute to the effectiveness and mission success of our users.

Specter was founded by Close Quarters Battle (CQB) practitioners to provide you with tough gear that really works. Our products perform beyond expectations… Specter is GOOD-TO-GO.

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Ammo Carriers
Chest Carriers

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