SLiP2000SLiP2000™ Gun Lubricant
Meets and exceeds requirements of MIL-SPEC: MIL-PRF-63460D (6)
SLiP2000™ Gun Lubricant is used by hunters, recreational and competition shooters as well as Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies world wide. This product has also been requested and shipped to the U.S. Military Forces in Iraq for the last 18 months because it has out preformed the current MIL SPEC products.
SLiP2000™ Lubricant is formulated to meet the complete requirements of cleaning, lubricating, and preserving both small and large caliber weapons in virtually all climate conditions.
SLiP2000™ Lubricant has passed and been approved for use in dusty environments (Iraq) on the M16 and smaller weabons by Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Additional testing still ongoing.
SLiP2000™ Extreme Weapons Lubricant (EWL )
EWL was designed for use on chain guns and machine guns like the MP5 and the 249SAW. It contains a proprietary Anti wear agent that reduces friction and wear by 90-95%. SLiP2000™ EWL is formulated to provide maximum performance in larger guns that may have issues with friction and heat while providing all the benefits of our regular lubricant.

SLiP2000™ EWL is a specially formulated synthetic liquid lubricant. Formulated with out the use of mineral oil or petroleum distillates SLiP2000™ EWL has extremely high penetrating and (EP) antiwear properties. It also combines three essential functions in a single product. Specifically; Cleaning, Lubrication, and Preservation of handheld weapons, and weapons systems of both large and small caliber. This product will not separate, become sticky or dry out and leave any tacky residue behind. It will not attract and hold firing residue, dust or dirt particles like petroleum products.

SLiP2000™ EWL has incorporated advanced technology additives to enhance film strength and antiwar properties. Penetrating the pores and bonding its self to the surface of the metal through physical absorption reducing surface tension thereby reducing friction between moving parts and minimizing wear and the build-up of wear related debris.

SLiP2000™ EWL will not dry out; attract dust or dirt particles like petroleum products. Even when surface is wiped dry to the touch SLiP2000™ EWL is still present and lubricating the metal parts from within the pores of the weapon. This product does not require a liquid carrier to be present for protection. SLiP2000™ EWL does not evaporate off because there are no carriers needed for continued protection.

slip725 Cleaner / Degreaser

725 CLEANER / DEGREASER should truly be called “Super Degreaser” judging from the way it out-performs competitive products. This cleaner will cut through the toughest cosmoline, carbon, grease and grime! Its super strength allows it to degum and degunk the dirtiest of gun parts when sprayed on or used in parts washers or solvent tanks!

Inhibited to help protect sensitive metals, 725 CLEANER / DEGREASER has been thoroughly tested in the field and shops. Everywhere, it has come through with flying colors! Hands-on Gunsmiths and Armors praise how quickly it dissolves in warm water, how well it works in both hard and soft water, how freely it rinses to leave parts bare-metal bright, how long it lasts for savings in product upkeep and disposal cost reduction.
Product Information Sheets

725 CLEANER / DEGREASER In just a few minutes, this material will strip tenacious carbon stains and simultaneously, crack open and crumble heavily encrusted deposits of carbon, grease, grime, gum and gunk on aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel and other metal gun parts. Included are trigger assemblies, bolts, actions, slide rails, gas pistons and all other components. Works exceptionally well on M1 – M16 – AR15 – 9 mm – 40 caliber weapons, Black Power breach plugs and all other fully automatic weapons.
SLiP2000™ Carbon Killer Is Here!

SLiP2000™ Carbon Killer is finally here. Along with the new name comes new packaging. All glass and metal have been replaced with durable plastic. These user friendly packages can also be used as storage containers.

The time consuming and labor intensive chore of cleaning your pistols, automatic and semi-automatic weapons is a thing of the past with Carbon Killer.

SLIP 2000’s™ Carbon Killer was designed with your health and safety in mind. Unlike other products, this product is non-flammable, non-hazardous and it is biodegradable. Carbon Killer provides you with a safe effective way to clean carbon, lead and plastic wad fouling.
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SLIP 2000’s™ Carbon Killer does not stop working and can be used again and again. If stored properly one jar will provide a user several cleanings and will last for several months.

Can be used on
All revolvers, pistols, 37mm and 40mm Gas Guns, automatic and semi-automatic weapons including: M-16, AR-15, MP-5, and all Machine Guns like the AK-47 and 249-SAW.

Flash suppressors, silencers and cans
Dissolves burnt on carbon and will help flush powder
and carbon residue out of all cans and suppressors.

Dissolves burnt on carbon and will help flush powder and carbon residue off of your compensator.

Use it to clean your bore
Carbon Killer works fantastic as a bore cleaner. Use it to remove all of the carbon, lead and plastic that has built up in your bore.
Simple to use
Soak Parts: For best results, on parts that are not cleaned on regular bases, completely submerse parts to be cleaned and allow to soak for 5 to 15 minutes. Remove parts and wipe, brush or rinse clean. It’s that easy. Depending on
the frequency of cleaning or type of ammo used a second soaking may be required.

Wipe Parts:
For larger parts that will not fit into jar, soak a nylon brush or rag in Carbon Killer, apply to area that needs to be cleaned and allow product to set for 2 to 5 minutes. When ready to clean, saturate brush or rag with Carbon Killer again and wipe
or brush away carbon. Parts may also be rinsed clean under hot water.

After cleaning, always re-apply SLiP2000™ Lubricant to metal surfaces and allow to penetrate pores of metal. SLiP2000™ will form a barrier and help keep carbon, lead and plastic from sticking. Your next cleaning will take half the time.

Other uses
Shotguns – Pistols – Revolvers – Black powder guns – Automatic weapons – Silencers – Flash Suppressors – Compensators

May be used in chambers and barrels as a bore cleaner. Apply to cylinder faces, bolt faces and any other hard to clean areas and allow to soak for 2 to 10 minutes. Carbon, lead, copper, plastic and burnt powder will wipe clean with a nylon brush.
Next cleaning will be much easier with SLIP 2000™ Lubricant/Cleaner. Users will actually be able to wipe carbon and plastic wad fouling away.

For best results, on parts that are not cleaned on regular bases, completely submerse parts to be cleaned and allow to soak for 5 to 15 minutes. Remove parts and wipe, brush or rinse clean.
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