Sig SauerSIG SAUER world renowned firearms are the weapons of
choice for many of the premier global military, law enforcement and commercial users.
High quality, ultimate reliability and unmatched performance have always been hallmarks
of the SIG SAUER brand. In the USA, nearly 1 in 3 law enforcement professionalsuse SIG SAUER firearms.

“We are proud that many elite military and government forces including the U.S. Navy Seals,
the Federal Air Marshals, the Department of Homeland Security and
the U. S. Coast Guard carry SIG SAUER firearms”, said Ron Cohen, President and CEO of SIG SAUER.
SIG SAUER, through the extensive service experience of
its employees, possesses a wealth of institutional experience in the law enforcement
and military applications of firearms. Perhaps prime among the diverse ways this experience benefits the Company’s markets is through the offerings of its world-class educational facility, The SIG SAUER Academy. Located in Epping NH, the Academy offers an extensive curriculum in law enforcement and military firearms skills, as well as diverse offerings in the safe and effective management of firearms for civilians.
On an xtensive complex of indoor and outdoor ranges, the Academy provides
customized training in security subjects for corporate customers
and law enforcement agencies on a contract basis.
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