RemingtonThe challenges facing today’s law enforcement officer have never been greater. And the demands on the tools of law enforcement – the officer’s firearms, ammunition, and accessories have never been more critical.
That’s why you work to standards of excellence. And we work to standards of our own. Standards of uncompromised quality. Of utterly unfailing performance. Of unrelenting consistency that law enforcement officers can count on.

With ongoing improvements and enhancements, Remington® firearms and ammunition enable you to keep pace with a rapidly changing world.

When the lives of innocent people and fellow officers depend on your marksmanship, you cannot afford anything less than the pinpoint accuracy and dependability of a Remington® bolt-action centerfire rifle and our special match-grade ammunition.

Our line of law enforcement centerfire rifles is rounded out by
the exceptional Model 40-XB and 40-XS rifles. Arguably the
most accurate bolt action rifle available today, it’s completely
hand-crafted and made to order in the Remington Custom Shop.

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We carry a full line of products including:

Centerfire and Rimfire Rifles
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