hogueHogue rubber grips are molded from a durable synthetic rubber that is not spongy or tacky, but gives that soft recoil absorbing feel, without affecting accuracy. This modern rubber requires a completely different molding process than ordinary neoprene and results in a much superior grip. The material we use does not come apart or deteriorate and is resistant to all solvents and oils used around firearms. Hogue Grips give you a lasting precision fit and durability that will provide years of dependable service. The flexibility of our materials and molding process has allowed us to produce superior rubber grips with features that out perform all other makes.To retain their shape Hogue soft rubber grips utilize a modern, light-weight synthetic insert (skeleton) that chemically bonds to the rubber. This prevents them from delaminating or coming apart as can happen with old fashion brands with metal inserts.
Being a true one-piece grip with a single one-piece insert, Monogrips have no mismatched seam to come apart. And of course our rubber revolver grips have all the features that made the Hogue Monogrip famous. Monogrip features include orthopedic handshape, proportioned finger grooves, (real finger grooves, not just small nonfunctional bumps) and they are fully relieved for speedloaders.

All Hogue rubber grips hold securely in cold, wet or sweating hands, and do not have any metal medallions that can irritate the hand. Hogue grips are attractive as well as functional. Molded in a handsome black color they dress up either blue or stainless handguns. Hogue’s exclusive “Cobblestone” texture has become the texture of choice among firearm enthusiasts. Cobblestone provides a positive non-irritating stippling feature that replaces traditional checkering. This texture not only gives Hogue a modern and distinctive look, but is also very functional. It is specifically designed to be a balance between a sharply checkered and a smooth grip. Cobblestone provides a firm grip but by relaxing grip pressure allows the hand the mobility of a smooth grip.

Our exclusive molding process is exceptionally superior when it comes to Semi-Automatics. Because the rubber we use actually chemically bonds to the insert we are able to have a smooth hard surface on the inside of the grip. This duplicates a stock grip configuration on the inside, and allows us to maintain exacting tolerances. This is a very important feature that sets Hogue apart. Other brands with steel inserts must wrap rubber all the way around the insert which can hang up on the vital working mechanisms found so close to the grip on many automatics. Also because rubber doesn’t have to wrap all the way around, our insert design allows us to make a smaller and more comfortable grip for high capacity double stack magazine guns.

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