eotechIn 2005, EOTech was acquired by L-3 Communications. L-3 Communications has grown very quickly into the sixth largest defense company in the United States and is a leader and prime defense contractor in Intelligence,
Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), secure communications, government services, training and simulation
and aircraft modernization and maintenance. The company also is a leading merchant supplier of guidance and navigation products and systems, sensors, scanners, fuzes, data links, propulsion systems, avionics, electro
optics, satellite ommunications, electrical power equipment, encryption products, signal intelligence, antennas
and microwave products.
L-3 EOTech designs, manufactures, and markets electro-optics products
and systems. It uses advanced laser and holographic technology to enhance optical devices in target acquisition systems, recreational sport optics, and sighted automation environments. L-3 EOTech invented, designed, and manufactures the Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS) – the world’s first holographic sighting system for small and medium-sized weapon platforms.

Not only will the L-3 EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS) give you incredible speed and accuracy gains in a tactical or military situation – you’ll get those same advantages when using the sight for hunting or sport shooting. Whether you use the incredibly wide field of view to walk your target into your line of sight, the 65MOA outer circle of the reticle to estimate range or account for the spread of shot, or use the night vision compatibility mode to get rid of those nocturnal varmints, the HWS will provide a distinct advantage for any level of hunter.

Due to the rigors of military and tactical abuse that our products are put through, today’s hunter gets to experience and enjoy the same ruggedness with the HWS on their rifle, shotgun, or pistol. Rain, snow, or mud is no match for the HWS. Whatever you can dish out, the HWS can take. Hunt with the certainty, reliability, speed, and accuracy of the L-3 EOTech line of Holographic Weapon Sights.

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