Emerson Knives

Emerson Knives

Emerson Knives THE KNIVES
To Some They Are Accessories… To Others They Are Necessities™

Emerson Knives has a solid granite, if not legendary, status among the world’s elite
military and Law Enforcement agencies. This is a hard earned and much honored reputation for Emerson Knives. We fought tooth and nail for this reputation every step of the way, and we will not relinquish it. This status is the result of the way that we design our knives, the way we build our knives and the way we do our business. We know that your life, the life of a partner, teammate, or a loved one may depend on the use of that Emerson knife in a time of crisis. Emerson Knives is a serious company run by serious people. That’s the attitude we have about our knives, our work, and our responsibility to you. I will stand toe to toe with any other company on earth to defend it.

Ernest R. Emerson
Respected, admired, and sought after by the world’s most sophisticated and discerning knife users, Emerson remains the single standard by which all other Hard Use Knives are judged.
This peerless reputation has been built by the hands of a master craftsman Ernest Emerson
with unceasing effort since its’ beginning in 1979.Owning an Emerson Knife brings you membership in an elite group; Individuals, who are
known for seeking the finest in all things. You are now counted among those who will never compromise their values and never, ever, settle for second best.

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