Browse our wide array of firearms. Each is a finely tuned fighting machine, good for use against all enemies foreign and domestic.




Complete your security collection with tactical gear and equipment, clothing,accessories and non-leathal self-defense options.




We carry a huge selection of ammunition products from all the major brands. Stock up for your rifle, handgun, shotgun, and military weaponry.




Don’t miss our large selection of combat knives, work knives, camping, survival knives and multitools.


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Fine Earth is excited to be helping a local Veteran non-profit called War Paints. T-Shirts are now available for $15. Please buy one or many. The proceeds will go to help local Veterans and Service M...

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Respect. Because he damn well earned it!

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Based Poles-Founder

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His pastor was anxiously awaiting a letter from him with details of the resounding Confederate victory at Manassas. He (the pastor) was more than a little disappointed when he opened the letter, which...

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Anderson Manufacturing lower receivers in stock. ... See MoreSee Less

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One loves to possess arms,
though they hope never to have
occasion for them. Thomas Jefferson to George Washington / 1796

Why Customers Choose Us

We sell only those products we use ourselves. Our staff and owner
have military and law enforcement backgrounds with many years of
experience, so we have expert knowledge of what works and what
does not. Whether you’re interested in recreational shooting or home
defense, our mission is to outfit you with products that will help you
gain the advantage in any situation.